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  • Tape Op Magazine does review of Vocal Effect Integrator

    We are so pleased that Tape Op Magazine did a review on our Vocal Effect Integrator. Dave from Tape Op says: “The Tribute Audio Designs Effect Integrator is a good-to-have studio tool and a dream…
  • features the Effect Integrator

    Check out the latest blog post HERE from the fine folks over at We are so pleased with the great response for the Effect Integrator so far.
  • Big Fatty Side

    Big Fatty Fuzz wins Guitar Moderne Gear Award!

    The Tribute Audio Big Fatty Fuzz was recently featured in a fuzz round-up conducted by Guitar Moderne on-line magazine. The review was glowing and the Big Fatty received a Guitar Moderne Gear Award! Check out…
  • Screenshot 2015-09-15 17.01.20

    Videos! Finally!

    It has been a long time coming, but Tribute Audio has finally added some demo videos of our pedals. Special thanks goes to Kate and Ryan of the cool band Roboteyes and the Atomic Film and Design for helping…
  • Effect Integrator V2 Front

    Introducing – The Effect Integrator

    The Effect Integrator is a powerful tool for the live and recording musician, as it allows one to connect guitar effect pedals to the vocal chain without the need for adapters, DI boxes, transformers, or…
  • Dirty Bastard Side

    Review of the Dirty Bastard – Pedal of the Day

    The fine folks over at recently reviewed the Tribute Audio Dirty Bastard Pedal. Check it out at the following link:
  • DM-2 Analog Delay for repair.

    1982 DM-2 Analog Delay Repair

    This little beauty came across my bench today. This is the famous DM-2, analog bucket brigade delay from BOSS. It uses the famous, and out of production MN3005 chip. This one was made in 1982,…
  • Premier Reader Pedalboards

    Tribute featured in Premier Guitar – Reader Pedalboards 2015

    We are so proud to be featured in Premier Guitar’s Readers Pedalboards 2015! Thanks so much to Wyatt Burton for writing to the magazine and sharing his rig. Here is the link – scroll to…
  • Dirty Bastard Ad - Premiere Guitar Feb2015

    Tribute Audio Ad in March Edition of Premier Guitar

    We’ve gone and done it now! Tribute Audio Designs is very excited to see our first advertisement spot in the March 2015 Stomp-box edition of Premier Guitar Magazine. The advert will feature the Dirty Bastard…
  • Custom Pedals for the Sam Roberts Band

    Tribute Audio Designs recently made a couple of custom pedals for the Sam Roberts Band. The pedals featured the album cover art for the SRB latest release called Lo-Fantasy. Sam incorporated this pedal into his…