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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Every musician one day gets to the point where “off the shelf” tone simply won’t satisfy. They need that little something special, that “special sauce” to make their sound uniquely their own. Tribute Audio Design products are hand made with care, and are individually tested for tone by musicians who understand how an effect pedal can be the essential component to push a guitar/bass players sound where it needs to be.

There are many great pedals out there, but if you want to get personalized service from musicians and world class tone to perfect “your sound” – Tribute Audio Designs has you covered. We simply love this stuff, and want to help you achieve the sound you’ve been looking for!

We make our pedals in Peterborough Ontario Canada – a beautiful hotbed of music and the arts, just 90 minutes North-East of Toronto.

Any 9VDC centre negative tip, high quality regulated power supply will work. Boss, One Spot, Godlyke, etc.  Alternatively, we do sell Power Supplies that will work with all our pedals.  You can find them here.

The vintage heritage of some of Tribute Audio Designs pedals means that some of the pedals (notably the Tramp) may not play nice with some modern pedals using a buffer. Fuzz pedals often work best with High Impedance straight from passive pickups signals…they sometimes sound “strange” when preceded by any Low Impedance non-true-bypass pedal such as all Boss or Ibanez pedals, tuners, and other brands. If it sounds strange, plug straight into the Tribute Audio Pedal and then to the amp, then add one pedal at a time until you find the offending item.